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Classic Cash
Posted on 2006.12.29 at 02:23

people suck.

Classic Cash
Posted on 2006.11.30 at 20:51

here is the question.
reply if you want.

should I:
A)Shave My Head Bald.
B)Leave My Hair Alone.

Classic Cash

Hokay So,

Posted on 2006.11.18 at 22:53
Current Mood: crappycrappy
Current Music: INXS-"Need You Tonight"
i just saw "American Hardcore" and i give credit for Steve Blush for doing this cause he is right, Hardcore as a movement is dying. All the major players are either dead, or have found religion and repented their old ways.
but throughout the whole movie i kept noticing 3 major things, things you cant over look, here they are.
1-the racisim of the scene, i think they said "racist" or "nazi" like 3 times tops. he missed the entire thing, how Jello Biafra stood up first and litteraly said "Nazi Punks, FUCK OFF!" he didnt even mention that.
2-he missed the sexual confusion of all the kids, he didnt even come close to touching the issue of anyone being gay. well, actually he did talk to the frontman of MDC (millions of dead cops) who was gay. but he didnt talk about how these kids would go out before a mantinee at CBGBs and suck some guy off in the park to get enough money to get in, then after the show they'd go and lynch some gay guy just to make them selves feel better.
3-he missed the entire role of women in the scene. yes he talked to 3 girls that were part of the scene either via a zine or somthing, then he talked to the frontwoman of Wasted Youth (one of the only all girl bands, amazing by the way-check them out). All that was said was "guys back then didnt want you to show your tits...they wouldnt respect you if you did" which is true, but most of these girls didnt want to be respected, they made their way into the scene just because someone in there wanted to get their dick sucked.
now the fact that he missed all of this is seriously like writing about World War Two and forgetting the holocaust...well, mreh...you get the idea right?
oh yeah, also the Dead Kennedys were mentiond ONCE! and that was when henry rollins said that Flag played their first show with them. and me being a DKs fan, im pissed off. he also didnt focus on the rampent drug use...but w.e, i allready knew alll about that.

okay, im done now

Classic Cash

It looks as though the past is here to stay, I've become a million miles away...

Posted on 2006.10.09 at 21:51
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
Current Music: Nine Inch Nails-"All The Love In The World"
people over react way to much.
just as i was settling into the swing of this year,
the shit hits the fan.
cause people cant be trusted and have to open their mouths.
now i've lost one of my best friends.
if im upset about anything at all.
its that; not that she didnt like me.
none of that shit.
its the fact that we're not friends anymore.
theres really nothing else to say.
other than.
fuck man.
now i have to deal with how awkward life is going to be.
not to mention how shitty its going to be not being able to talk to her.

"I'm all alone, I'm feeling bad,
I'm by my self, all I ever had.
I hate my life, I'm such a mess. "

Classic Cash

crucifiction? Good, out the door on the left, one cross each....

Posted on 2006.09.27 at 15:32
Current Mood: confusedConfusled
Current Music: Transplants-"diamonds and guns"
this blows.
i've been home sick for the last 2 days.
really sick.
it fucking sucks.
yesterday was okay-i kinda peaced out and went to lee's for the day.
then today fucking sucked.
i've been here all day. with no one to talk to and no where to go.
im feeling beter though. so thats a good sign, i hope.
but i still have to turn in 2 essays (one for econ on Geroge Lucas. the other for flex about Lord Of The Flies)
fuck this sucks.
i dont think im going out tonight.
cause theres really no one i want to see.
well, correction, there is. but shes prolly going to be doing homework.
and i'll see her tomorrow anyhow.
on another note;
Karen agreed to come over on friday to watch x-men and im going to make her dinner.
and apparently she's "pumped" cause she said it like 3 times the other day when we were planing.
i HOPE this is a good thing. i mean shit.
it better be a good thing, or else i may just have to top myself.
like, seriously. its an option.
and (i know. this is in no order whatsoever) on monday
i was talking to justin wicker during flex and we started talking about Karen.
and he goes "why havn't you asked her out?"
and apparently some unknown 3rd party asked him that too. (apparently "why hasnt johno asked Karen out?" was what was said)
so. i did. i guess. by asking her over on friday.
so *crosses fingers* i hope all goes well.

Classic Cash

She packed up her bags. and she took off down the road.

Posted on 2006.09.17 at 02:58
Current Mood: depressedEmo
Current Music: Bob Seger-"Sunspot Baby"
okay today has been pretty shitty.
iono why.
but i havn't been in a good mood at all today.
i slept like shit last night.
and prolly going to do the same tonight.
its totaly my fault though.
i've been tring to not sleep cause, well,
i dont really know why.
i got to thinking about college earlier;
so i sat for about an hour looking at art schools in the area.
i put in for information from CCS (College of Creative Studies) downtown.
or atleast i hope it went through.
i also put out for info from:
University of art and sciences at Loyloa University (Chicago)
Cranbrook Institue of Art
International Academy of Design and Tech. (Chicago and detroit campus)
and New York University Center of Arts and Sciences.

im going to just see what arises.
let that dictate the rest of my life.


y3y. schedulez0rs

Posted on 2006.08.31 at 03:01
Current Mood: blahblah
Current Music: Ryan Adams-"Amy"
Semester I:
I. Economics (harwood)
II. Flex (Shaheen)
III. Flex (Shaheen)
IV. Flex (Shaheen)
V. Academic Lab (Shaheen)
VI. Health (Johnston)
VII. Astronomy (Hoffmeyer)
Semester II:
I. Earth Science (Moore)
II. Flex (Shaheen)
III. Flex (Shaheen)
IV. Flex (Shaheen)
V. Interm Alg (Wilson)
VI. Academic Lab (Pavloff)
VII. Vietnam (Olsen)

Classic Cash

I Know That I've Seen Better Days.

Posted on 2006.08.16 at 15:07
Current Mood: crappycrappy
Current Music: Citizen King-"Better Days"
today is shit.
first i was supposed to chill with lee.
but no, her whiney ass boyfriend is like a puppy who cant be left alone for 5 minuets.
so he screwed me out of most of the day.
then, my mother calls and says that i cant do anything today.
my grandmother is in the hospital.
so thats just shit.
then my dad calls and i try and figure out what the plan is for the day and all he can say is
"nonna is in the hospital and she probibly wont come out"
he said it like 3 or 4 times untill i hung up on him.
i would be sad.
but im just to godamn angry.
it blows.
oh yeah, and theres this little gem, i have to spend the night at my grandparents house.
i dont want to at all.
my mother chould easily make my brother do it.
but no
i have to.
i think im going to kill myself.

Classic Cash

Bob liked to play his poker

Posted on 2006.08.15 at 00:04
ketu90 (12:03:49 AM): what if i end up in dykeville moore?
Oh its Johno (12:03:57 AM): ???
ketu90 (12:04:06 AM): well theres another college but only for women
ketu90 (12:04:17 AM): so im kinda thinking everyones a lesbian there
Oh its Johno (12:04:23 AM): wheres that?
Oh its Johno (12:04:26 AM): <<
Oh its Johno (12:04:27 AM): >>

Classic Cash

Trust Your Mechanic

Posted on 2006.08.11 at 14:44
Current Location: hell
Current Mood: blahmreh
Current Music: Dead Kennedys-"Riot"
shmeh, i know i havnt really put up a "real" entry of late.
i've been realllllyy fuckin' lazy of late.
i havnt been working,
i forgot how much i loved not working at all.
right now, im just bored as fuck.
a little angry.
a little depressed.
the usual.
the big event of late has been me loosing my lisence again...
i thought my dad took care of this thing i have to pay to the Secretary Of The State
but appparently he didnt.
so now on top of $200 i owed them i now owe then $125 more.
i dont have that kinda money.
its fuckin' ridiculous.
i think im gonna kill someone.
right now im just really bored,
i think im gonna go have a cigarette after i update my iPod
god knows she needs it.
i just made the most kick ass playlist eva.
its my 12 favorite Dead Kennedys' songs.
its pretty baller.

but w.e im off for meine walk

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